Self Defence for Women

Self defence for women - how I came to learn

You either think you will never have to defend yourself or that you know how to defend yourself. Which one are you?

I was the former. Completely unprepared. That is until my friend challenged me to learn. How hard could it be? And I'm sure it would be useful to know.

Don't believe anyone who tells you that self defence for women is easy... 

My first lesson was brutal, dangerous, and very scary 

But... I can tell you it is possible for a woman to learn to defend herself. I did.

Learning self defence has changed my life!

I am not a very athletic or physical person and the first thing my Instructor did was push me to the ground. I was shocked.

Instead of asking me if I was ok he said - get up or I will kick you. I couldn't believe this guy.

How is this teaching me to defend myself?

He was supposed to be my friend and he was pushing me around. What sort of training is this?

This was very realistic...

Yes, I got up. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do next. This man scared me. I didn’t think I could do it. I was ready to walk.

Self Defence for women is scary stuff. All this was running through my head and what did he do he came at me again.

I tried to defend myself but I really didn’t know what to do.

He called me weak, pathetic. He waited till I got to the point of giving up then he explained to me that this was real, this is what being attacked was like.

Get up and start training. This is only the beginning of your self defence training.

That was my introduction to training in
Self Defence for Women.

I went home angry, sore and upset. I even called him on the phone to tell him he had hurt me. His reply - ’so what'. I couldn't believe it.

I was even more angry then. I wanted to go back right then and show him I could learn self defence. I was angry or crazy enough not to give up. 

Later when I had calmed down I did some research, to see if my Instructor was for real. I looked up a lot of sites about self defence for women and they all said it was easy to learn. I was tempted to email them and dare them to tell my Instructor it was easy.

The training begins...

I went back for my next lesson a little wary - and with heaps of questions - as you can imagine.

I told my instructor I had done some research about womens self defence. I had even learnt how to get out of a choke hold by watching it on YouTube.

My Instructor just said well try it. (Stupid move on my part). He just grabbed my throat with one hand and as I tried my new move I’d learnt he just squeezed harder on my throat.

His first lesson in women's self defence - if any male gets you around the throat you are not going to get out of it. I believed him because I experienced it myself and it was not pleasant.

About now I realised that my Instructor just might know what he was talking about.

Lesson number one - protect your personal space - not your body.

The training continues...

My introduction to my training partner at my third lesson left me a little speechless.

He was bigger than my Instructor - over six foot, built like a bodybuilder, strong and a Master kick boxer and an ex professional rugby league player.

Well bring it on, it can’t get any worse can it?

So began my journey in self defence for women.

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